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November 15, 2004

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Sleep seems to be taking over my life. I wake up in the morning and float to class. I come back dragging, set my alarm for twenty minutes before my next class, and crash into my unmade bed. It’s always unmade. If I made it, I would only unmake it and make it again several times over during the course of the day. Maybe, I have that ever-present campus illness: mono. Maybe, I’m just pathetic. Or maybe, I take too many sleep- inducing drugs. It doesn’t matter.

This afternoon (or this morning . . . I’m not sure which segment of sleep it was), I had a dream that I burned to death on Brock Commons. Everyone watching looked disturbed. It didn’t seem to bother me. In the dream it was my norm. Burning was my niche.

Substance seems to be fleeting, doesn’t it?

November 07, 2004

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"Change your heart...look around you..."

I always look forward to going to Richmond, and I always look forward to leaving it.

It was nice seeing Cole and Andrew again. We went to all the old haunts

Before I left, I ran into Charlotte. Apparently, she had already met Cole at VCU, but the dots didn't connect until that moment. It was weird. Virginia is too small.

Overall, the trip was nostalgic and sad. Exactly what I love.

If I could live anywhere in Richmond, I'd live in a big house at the top of Hollywood Cemetary. Spend all my time watching the river vomit into the sea. Wait for age, or cancer, or depression to do its work on me.

November 01, 2004

"The Color of Water"

The mountain will continue to grow because a.) i drink too much water, and b.) i'm too lazy to go to the recycling center.

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